Ghost  Dowsing  Rods  by  Hoosier  Hannah


Want to go hunting? Keep it simple without all the fancy tools?



Hand made dowsing rods. Made with copper rod and oak handles. They are about 12x5  with over 2 inches of glow in the dark on the tips and safety tips on the handle end. I make these in my kitchen so they are not stamped out in a factory and they might have a bit or stray paint here or there. But they are made by a ghost hunting American for American ghost hunters. Actually I do send to other countries but you would have to email me first for the postage
For here in the USA there is no postage just one price.

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    Purple glow in the dark dowsing rods they are about 4x8 . The tip has purple glow in the dark.. These are medium size they would fit in a jacket pocket and a purse for sure.. Wood sleeves for easy use. The sleeves are solid copper tubing.
    These are very sensitive rods and Very active .
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  • Water dowsing rods made of copper - Item 3

    This is the more traditional dowsing rod. It has wood handles and safety tips. It is 12 inches long x 5 inches. I make these one at a time so they vary in size. I can make about any size you want so if you don't see what you are looking for send me a email. I will do what I can. I also make these in brass so just ask and I can do that.
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    Copper handle dowsing rods

    Copper Dowsing Rods Find Treasure ,water, lost items - Item 4

    These rods are made with Copper with copper handles. I use a larger diameter copper for the handle/sleeves. It will give the rods plenty of room to move and any dent or bend won't affect the rods. I put protective tips on each end. These are 12 inches and the handles are 5 in. With 5 inch copper sleeves
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This is one of the amazing pix I have taken. I am a debunker and can't debunk this. It was taken in complete darkness from a road beside a cemetery. What do you think?

I have sold thousands of these ghost hunting rods. Some to ghost hunting  tour and ghost hunting groups and have had no complaints. I have sold on ebay and have had a few weirdo's that couldn't dowse and blamed me. I have over 1000 feedback and that is just a portion of the ones I have sold. I don't try hard for feedback and as a lot of you know it doesn't always tell the true story.

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